Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Preparing the Way & #beautyinthemidstofitall

For the past month my husband and I have been fixing up our house so that we can put it up for sale. Yes, isn't weird, that we have to fix our house up just so we can sell it. I mean, I understand that some things have to be done. For example, the trim on our baseboards downstairs was never finished; the stairway walls were only painted halfway up, because the ceiling is so high; there were water marks on our ceiling that needed to be painted over from last year when we got all that snow, because when it melted, of course it leaked through. Now, here is the funny part about that. Our association actually fixed the leak where the water came through, because it was on the outside of our house, but the mark that was left on the ceiling, we had to fix, because it was on the inside. Crazy, right? 

As we started to tackle the small list of things that needed fixing up, we slowly started to find other small things that needed fixing too, so more and more continued to get added to our list. New light switch covers, new trim in the kitchen, caulking the stairs, decluttering your shelves and tables, rearranging furniture, and list goes on. 

New dining room set up. We used to have my husbands office set up in here.

After four trips to Lowes, many hours of fixing things, and lots of deep cleaning, we can finally say our house is now ready to be photographed and put on the market. I never knew getting your house ready to sell would be so much work! 

Freshly painted walls. It looks so much brighter and cleaned up.
Paint Color: Blizzard Fog by Valspar

I am extremely thankful that we were able to get all of this done though (I mean, what else were we going to do when there was all that snow outside and no where to go),  and I do have something positive to take away from it all. 

New office area by our big bay window. Our dining table used to be here.

Bathroom Reno: Repainted walls and sink cabinets, new light fixture
and mirror (not pictured), and the entire bathroom deep cleaned.
Cabinet Paint Color: Molasses
Wall Color: Blizzard Fog

We have prepared the way. Prepared the way for the next family who is going to live here. Just as Jesus prepared the way for my husband and I, years ago, when we first moved in here, and just like He is going to help prepare the way for us when we go to buy our next house. I know that He has someone out there for this place and they are going to love all of the little fixes and big fixes that we did to help prepare the way.

And......., an added bonus is, I really do love all the changes and fixes we made to our place. I am secretly hoping we can enjoy them for the next month or two before it sells. 

On a side note, when I first started this blog, I also created the hashtag, #beautyinthemidst. I did this as a way for myself and others to post pictures and write stories about finding beauty in the midst of whatever they were going through or dealing with. I didn't realize that there were a ton of other things posted already with that hashtag, so I decided to change it a little by adding 'of it all' to the end. The new hashtag is now #beautyinthemidstofitall. I thought this would be a good post to talk about the new hashtag, considering all that we have had to do in the last month. We definitely had to look for beauty in the midst of it all.

The woods behind our place the last time it snowed. True beauty!!

Many Blessings,

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  1. The house looks great er! Sending you guys good vibes for a buyer!