Friday, April 3, 2015

Creating a Good Plan: Part 1

Today is the first part of the series, "Creating a Good Plan". 

There are four parts to this series. In each part, I will talk about a different area of my life for which I have created some sort of plan. These plans help me stay organized and stay focused on the goals I have made for myself.

The four areas are:


Fitness & Health



Today I will talk about my reading plan. I used to never like to read when I was younger, but as I have grown up a little, I regret not ready as much. I feel like I missed out on a lot of good books and I needed to find a way to make up some of that time. I created a list and a plan for my reading, because now that I actually want to read, I don't have as much time. I have to schedule it in.

I have divided my reading into three different parts or times, rather. Morning, lunch, and before bed. It's actually pretty simple. I read my devotional in the morning when I wake up. I try to devote at least 30 minutes to this reading time.

During my lunch break at work or during my son's nap time when I am at home, I read whatever my personal choice book is. This list includes a lot of fiction and high interest books (crafting, cooking, etc.) On some days it might even be a magazine issue. I also try to devote 30 minutes to this reading time.

Finally, before bed, I spend the last 15 minutes or so before I shut off the lights, and read whatever classic novel I have chosen. This reading time is fairly new for me. I recently listened to a wonderful podcast by Edie Wadsworth. She talks about going back and re-reading some classic novels that you had to read in high school and college. She makes a great point that we should never stop educating ourselves. We need to be life-long learners. I created a list of 10 books to start. We will see how far I get. I'm hopeful!

Here is my classic's list:

1. To Kill a Mockingbird 
2. The Picture of Dorian Gray
3. The Pilgrims Progress
4. Mere Christianity
5. The Outsiders
6. Hamlet
7. Uncle Tom's Cabin
8. Lord of the Flies
9. The Great Gatsby
10. The Scarlet Letter

Here is a link to some of the other books that I want to read. I am in no hurry to finish any of these, as long as I am reading a little bit, mostly everyday, I am sure I will finish most of them, eventually.

One thing I have to remind myself though, I may not get a chance to read at each of these times every day. I may not even get a chance to read at all on somedays and that's ok. The most important reading time for me is my morning devotions. I try to do them everyday.

It is good to have a plan, but sometimes there are other things that consume our time from day to day. Happy reading!

Leave a comment with some of your favorite books. I would love to add them to my list.

Many Blessings,


  1. I love a lot of your Classic choices . I feel like there are too many "classics" that I've missed. Please post when you start lord of the flies or gatsby -these are on my list too and I'd love to enjoy them with you.
    I've been using Goodreads app for the last 3 years. I love it. I set a goal at the beginning of the year and am sooo proud of myself when I reach it at the end of the year. Reading is fully "my time" and it is a positive example I set for my boys.

    1. I will definitely let you know when I start reading those books. I would love to have someone to talk to about them!