Friday, July 10, 2015

Easy Teeth Whitening and How to Save Your Hair Dryer

Today, I wanted to share with you two quick tips!!

1. A cheap and easy way to whiten your teeth at home.

2. How to clean out your hair dryer so it works better and doesn't burn out.

Teeth Whitening

Mix together equal parts baking soda and fresh lemon juice in a small dish. I did a a teaspoon of each. The mixer becomes a paste. Using your tooth brush, gently polish your teeth for about a minute. Now, I will admit it's not the greatest taste, but it does work and it only lasts for about a minute. I usually brush my teeth before I polish with the paste, so that my teeth are nice and clean. Here are a before and after shot of my teeth! Please be kind, it's not everyday someone takes a photo of their teeth that close!

I definitely think that my teeth lightened up at least one shade. I love it because it was cheap and all natural. I did this for 6 days in a row along with brushing my teeth twice a day. You can do more if you like, but be careful, because some people say that lemon juice isn't the greatest on tooth enamel. 5-7 days is plenty, in my opinion, and I would recommend doing this every other month to maintain a bright smile.

Cleaning Your Hair Dryer

A few weeks ago I was blow drying my hair, when I noticed the motor seemed to be working overtime and was making a really funny humming noise. I shut off the dryer for a minute to look it over. I noticed that the back portion of the dryer, where it sucks in air, seemed to be covered with a layer of lint. I was able to unscrew the back piece and clean that thin layer of lint (dust, dirt, whatever it was) off of the filter. After I placed that piece back on, I turned the dryer on and it sounded like normal again. I am assuming that over time your dryer sucks in that stuff as its sucking in the air to blow out. After awhile if that filter does not get cleaned, it will become clogged and your dryer won't be able to suck in air. This causes the dryer to over heat and burn out. I believe that if I had not figured this, out my dryer would have burn out that day or soon after that.

So go check your hair dryers and make sure they are clean. Otherwise, you will be spending money on a new one soon.

Many Blessings,

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