Monday, December 28, 2015

A Year of Pinterest Projects

So I may be biting off more than I can chew with this task, but it's the start of a new year and I'm feeling motivated and my creative juices are flowing.

I designed this to be something fun, not a goal to reach and then get mad when I don't. I figure even, if I only complete a few of these projects, it's better than nothing. I feel like I pin so much stuff and never do any of it, so I created this plan and picked out specific projects to do. If I am able to complete the project for that week, awesome, if not, it's no big deal. Most of these projects are very easy and don't require a lot of time to complete, so even if I don't get to one on a certain week, I may be able to complete it the following week, when I don't have as much to do.

I have completed this list below for you to follow along with if you like. Each one has a link to that specific project, on my Pinterest Board. You can do them in order or pick a different one each week. I will be doing them in the order that they are listed.

1. 52 Date night cards*                                                   
2. Time capsule*                                                             
3. Glass terrarium*                                                         
4. Fall Wreath*                                                           
5. Anniversary heart map frame*                                 
6. Flower curtain ties*                                                     
7. Paper Dahlias*                                                         
8. Upcycle cans with twine*                                       
9.  Resurrection Garden*                                                
10. Wooden Scripture Tray*                                                             
11. Chalkboard Clipboards*                                           
12. Recycle baskets*                                                         
13. Mood board*                                                             
14. Laundry Room Redo*                                                 
15. Scrap paper flower on canvas*                                
16. Song lyrics on wedding photo                               
17. Decorative wooden box                                                   
18. Cork arrows*                                                              
19. Repaint the fireplace*                                              
20. Fabric envelopes                                                    
21. Mr. & Mrs. Placemats*                                            
22. Pantry Redo                                                             
23. Monogram Frame*                                                    
24. Mason jar wall vases*                                               
25. Hanging floating shelves*                                       
26. Modpodge photo on wood                                     
27. Repaint Piano
28. Woodland Centerpiece*
29. DIY stamped clay bowls
30. Angel wings paper wreath*
31. Burlap & pinecone Ribbon*
32. Record album frame wall*
33. Gallery Wall*
34. Photo booth picture
35. Sharpie Mugs
36. DIY Pin board
37. Wine bottle vases*
38. Burlap acorns
39. Pumpkin Planter*
40. Pumpkin pillows
41. Chalkboard mugs
42. Stick Letter*
43. Love hand/foot board
44. Believe Canvas
45. Give thanks chalkboard*
46. Burlap placemats
47. Santa letter cookie plate
48. Advent Calendar
49. Christmas definition photo
50. Antler Board
51. Handmand gingerbread ornaments
52. "Open when" letters

Here is a quick project to get you started. It's a calendar for memories that you can reuse over and over every year! I hope you enjoy the rest of 2015!! Click the link below the picture for the monthly calendar cards!

Memory Calendar

Many Blessings,

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