Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Minute Gifts & My New Favorite Christmas Decor

I seriously can't believe that Christmas is five days away! I have really been enjoying Christmas this year in our new home. My son is starting to grasp the whole concept of Santa and every day he asks, "Santa come down the chimney?" I love watching the excitement on his face when we drive around to look at all the lights in our neighborhood. It is his favorite thing to do now! Part of me is worried about what we are going to do when Christmas is over and everyone takes their lights down.

We have also been doing our advent everyday, reading stories from the children's Bible, and enjoying the fun activities in our 12 days of Christmas. So far, we have been to Longwood Gardens, the firehouse to see Santa, decorated our gingerbread houses, made a ton of Christmas crafts, and baked lots of cookies together. I can't wait for Wednesday when we go on a horse drawn sleigh ride at the farm to see all of the lit up trees.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year and I am enjoying every minute of it. One thing I really enjoyed was decorating our house for Christmas. This will be our first Christmas in our new home, so I purchased some new decorations and got creative with some of our old ones. I love getting  inspiration from the bloggers I follow as well! This year my favorite decorated areas of the house are in dining room on/over our buffet table and my kitchen window. We have a really big window over our sink, so I decided to get creative and line all of our Christmas cards there. Now, whenever I am doing the dishes, I get to look at all of my beautiful friends and their families!

Another thing I enjoy is coming up with creative gift ideas. I always see on Pinterest, gifts in a jar or themed gift baskets, so I decided to do that for my friends this year. I had so much fun!

Check out my new Pinterest board below to see tons of awesome gift ideas that are so easy to create, even if you wait till the last minute! I think this year I am going to try to create themed baskets/jars for all gift giving occasions!

Pinterest ~~> Creative Gift

Have fun and I hope you get all of your shopping done!

Many Blessings,

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