Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekend Update

It's been a long week.

It just seemed to be one thing after another, and there were lots of emotions flying around. It wasn't even anything major that happened. It just seemed to be the timing of everything, on top of us trying to do too much. Add that to each one of us not feeling well at some point during the week. Not to mention two blog posts that were publish without being finished. That was nice!

I don't like when these weeks come around, because they are draining on us, mentally, physically, and emotionally. When Saturday came along, I didn't want to do anything!! I had no energy and the couch looked like a great place to spend the day. We had plans to go to a marriage workshop at church around 4 and I was hoping by then I would be feeling better, because I was really looking forward to it.

Well, it turned out to be these best thing! It was just what I needed. There was so much good stuff jam packed into those three hours, I left feeling so uplifted and so apologetic to my husband for anything I did that wasn't loving over the past week. I plan on sharing some of the info next week when we finish up our devotional on love, so make sure you check back!

It's so crazy that I chose love as the topic for this month, because it seems to be the one thing that keeps coming up everywhere. I just can't get enough of this love!! Maybe that's why it's the greatest commandment!

I realized once again, that while I can do anything, I am not meant to do everything and that goes for you too! Realize your strengths and learn to appreciate others.

Oh yeah, I definitely did not have time to do my Pinterest project for the week, so maybe next week, and if not, it's not going anywhere!

Have a great week and try not to do too much!

Many Blessings,

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