Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Simple Life


Why do they seem to run our life?

How much money do we have?

How many likes on my Instagram post?

How many followers on my blog?

How many people will show up to my party?

Somehow, we think these numbers make us who we are. We believe that these numbers make us something, something big, something important. We want the approval. We want the praise.

What if that's not what we were created for? The big stuff. The glory.

What if we were created for the everyday, small, simple things, so that we could honor Him and bring Him glory.

The other day as I was writing down my three things that I was thankful for that day, I started to look back through the previous days and weeks. I realized that all of these things that I had written down, were small simple things.

Sure there will be big spotlight moments in our lives and yes, it's ok to be excited about them. Just remember Who they came from and why they were all possible. God blesses us in so many ways but I feel that the biggest blessings come from the small simple moments of serving Him in our everyday work.

We were not created for glory. We were created to serve others, as to bring Him glory. We were made small, so that He could be made great.

And what a great God he is! Deserving of so much honor, glory, and praise!

Yet, His son, Jesus, He never needed that approval. He didn't care about the numbers. He lead a quiet life, just loving and serving others.

Let's celebrate and be thankful for those small simple moments and stop focusing on the numbers. Instead, let's focus on a very small number, number 1, because that's all we need. One Jesus, one God, one Savior.

Many Blessings,

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blessed is She

Hello Sunday! I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekend. I have some awesome stuff I want to share with you this beautiful Sunday morning!

A few weeks ago, my pastor was giving message about being spiritually mature, and how we can't be, if we are emotionally immature. He referenced 10 qualities of those who are said to be emotionally intelligent, which Peter Scazzero talks about in his book, Emotionally Healthy Spiritually. It got me thinking about the different topics I have and will be studying in the bible this year, as part of my devotional plan. Every single quality that Peter talks about, seemed to line up perfectly with each one of my topics. It was confirmation that God really wanted me to study these different topics, so that I can become emotionally healthy spiritually. 

Here is a list of my topics that I am studying, lined up with the different qualities that Peter talks about in his book.

1. Grace & Humility >> Not a perfectionist
2. Wisdom & Discernment >> Know how to balance work & play
3. Worry & Rest >> Not easily distracted
4. Anger & Gentleness >> Accepts change/difficult times well
5. Love & Compassion >> Empathetic
6. Discipline & Obedience >> Know their strengths & weaknesses
7. Faith & Trust >> Don't dwell on the past but learn from it
8. Joy & Gratitude >> Focus on the positive
9. Peace & Comfort >> Set boundaries
10. Strength & Perseverance >> Self motivated

I know that it is no coincidence that these line up so perfectly. I prayed and thought long and hard about the different topics I wanted to study. I had a list of about 50 and narrowed it down to 10 grouping them together accordingly. I had no idea, a month later, I would be sitting in church listening to my pastor give this message about being emotionally healthy spiritually. 

I am so excited to continue with my study on these topics. I know that the more I study and memorize  scriptures on these topics, the more these qualities will come through in my character. When I look at the list now, I see a few qualities that I really need to improve, which I am not going to name number 1, 3, 6, & 10. My desire is to become more like him, knowing that as I grow spiritually and emotionally, I will be blessed!

I will be talking more about each one of these qualities each month when I start a new topic. So far I have done love & compassion, which you can download here >> February Devo, and I am currently on the topic of >> anger & gentleness. I would love for you to join me!

Many Blessings,

Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Tidying Secret

Recently, I have seen a lot of posts and pins on Pinterest all about how to keep a tidy house. I also recently read the ever popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. While I was able to appreciate the book as a whole, I did not agree with most of her techniques. I found that most of her techniques just did not work for me.

For most people who have kids, there is absolutely no way to always have a tidy house always. There will always be some sort of mess laying around somewhere. As I am typing this there is laundry to fold on the couch and dishes in the sink. Now, most of the time, I would have already had these done, but I have actually been trying to have more mess, if you can believe that. I wrote a post awhile back about being ok with mess, so that I can enjoy more important things.

Let me explain. I am the queen of tidying and organizing (in the least boastful way). It's just who I am, almost to a fault. I guess some people might call it OCD. I am the type of person who, normally, can't enjoy dinner or relax and watch a movie, if I know there is a mess to clean, dishes in the sink, or laundry to fold. I felt that I was focusing too much on having a perfectly tidy house, and I was missing out on the more important things in life. So recently, I have been trying to be more relaxed with my tidying up.

I also feel that no matter how much you clean, organize, and get rid of stuff, you will always gain more stuff. It's just the way things work. We buy new things, we receive gifts for different occasions, our kids bring home stuff from school and parties, we get mail everyday, and so on!

So what are my tidying secrets?!! Well, they really aren't a secret at all. It's just two simple rules I follow.

1. What
2. How

The first big thing is what you do with the new stuff you acquire. Either it's of value or it's junk. This means it either gets put away where it belongs, or it gets thrown away. Secondly, whether it's new stuff or stuff you already have, how long do you wait for it to be cleaned up or organized and put away. Here is what I mean.

You check the mail when you get home from work. What do you do with it? Well, I'll tell you what I do with it. I go through it right away. I throw away the junk and I keep what is needed. Then I place each piece where it belongs. I don't leave it on the counter to pile up.

You have a birthday party for your child. What do you do after it's over? I'll tell you. You clean up right away. You throw out the trash, you go through the gifts and put them away. You clean the dishes. Don't wait for tomorrow to do all of this, because you won't.

The key point here, is to not wait! If you want to have a tidy house you can't wait. You have to clean up the mess right away. You have to do the dishes right after dinner. You have to fold the laundry and put it away as soon as its done in the dryer. You have to organize your mail and other things you buy as soon as you get them.

It's just that simple. Now, I know that sometimes we are just too busy or maybe we just don't feel like doing something that particular day. Well hey, nobody is perfect, and sure when there is more important stuff, sometimes we just have to deal with a messy house. That's life! These tips are just what I do most of the time to keep my house organized and tidy.

One other thing that I do once a month and once a year, is go through stuff and clean out what I don't need. Most of us when we purchase something new, or receive something new, aren't going to throw it away, we purchased it or kept it for a reason. Eventually though, after some time, things aren't needed any longer or certain clothes don't fit. Once a month I take a big basket and I go through all of my little spaces that can accumulate stuff. As I go through these spaces, I place what doesn't belong in the basket. When I am all done, I go through what's in the basket and either throw it away or place it back where it should be, to keep things organized. This may seem like a lengthy process, but it really only takes 30 minutes. These places I organize include, our two junk drawers, the basket by the door, our paper filing basket, and our nightstand drawers by our bed. I also do this same process once a year, but I go through mostly everything in the house. This is what keeps me from accumulating too much stuff!

Remember, this is what works for me. It may not work for you. Everyone has a different style. These are just a few tips, if you want to start having a more tidied up home.

Many Blessings,

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekend Update & April Devotional

It's been a great ten days off, and while its going to be hard to go back to work tomorrow, I am so grateful for the time spent with my family this past week. Not to mention, I got a ton of stuff done as well!

Weekly Truth

Being angry and unforgiving makes it impossible to have a gentle & quiet spirit. -Darlene Wilkinson

April Devotional

This month I will be studying the topic of anger and gentleness. I have lots of different scriptures that I want to focus on and memorize. Would you like to join?!! Download the packet here >> April Devo.

I wanted to try and get the first video of my monthly must haves up today, but I didn't get a chance to finish, so it looks like next month it is!

Many Blessings,