Monday, May 9, 2016

Faith & Trust

I love this verse so much! And I especially love when I have those days when I truly feel like this woman. 

But, if I can be honest, I feel like I have more days when I feel as though I have totally fallen short of this. 

Yesterday she was here and it was a good day, but all it takes is just one moment and this woman becomes a distant memory. Where did she go today? Was it that easy for me to become this other woman, so caught up in everything, worrying about what's gonna happen, and wanting this day to just be over.

All I know is that when days like this come, I need to be prepared. I need encouraging reminders, and knowledge of His truths to remember who I am. 

I am so glad that this month I have chosen to study the topic of faith & trust. I know that these scriptures are filled with life giving words. His Word provides strength when we are weak. His word guides us in making good choices each and every day, and His word reminds us of His faithfulness to us in every situation.

Would you like to join in with me as I study this topic and learn new scriptures to help me through these tough days? Download this >> study guide and explore your heart and His, as you read through the Word.

I have also created an iPhone lock screen with this verse for you to download. 

Many Blessings,

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