Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Creating Your Nest: Part 3

I've been dragging my feet with these last few posts of this series, and it's not even that I don't feeling writing them. It's just that I don't really know how.

I feel very blessed when people compliment my house or my style. It makes me feel good, because it's something I am very passionate about! Some of my friends have joked and said that they would like for me to decorate their homes or go shopping with them to help them style their house. I would love to, honestly, but my worst fear, is that I wouldn't be good at it! Here's why.

When I came up with the idea to do this series, Creating Your Nest, it was because I wanted to help others with decorating and styling their homes. I just didn't know that it would be this hard to write about it. You see, when I create and decorate, I don't really think about the logistics, I just do it. Then if I like how it looks, I leave it, and if I don't like how it looks, I rearrange and move stuff around until I do.

I was never taught how to style a home or took any courses on designing and decorating, so most of what I am writing for you is not from an expert and my vocabulary may not be correct. Some might say that I have no idea what I am talking about, and maybe they are right, but my goal is not to be right or better than anyone. It's simply to give you some tips and share some of my ideas and styles.

I also want to add that, a lot of what I am sharing with you, could be consider personal preference. I know a lot of people who have different styles than I do, and their homes are just as beautiful. We just have different tastes. That doesn't make one or the other better, it just shows our individuality and tells our story.

After taking some time to go through every room and observe how things are set up and decorated, here is what I came up with. *Note: This post is more of an informative post with different tips and tricks. I simply came up with a list of different style trends that I often follow.

You can still have a colorful room without having too much color. I like to add color using pillows, rugs, and curtains. Sometimes, furniture as well! You want your pieces to compliment each other, not clash. I would say to try and pick four or five colors/shades and stick to that when purchasing items for a room. Most of my rooms consist of black, white, creme or biege, some shade of gray, and specific color (green, blue, yellow). I wouldn't do a green and red or blue and orange, ya get what I am saying?

Patterns are fun and can really add to the feel of a room, but you want to be careful to not have too may different ones. You want to have a good mixture of solids and patterns. I would say, two to three patterns in a room are good as long as they are not right next to each other. For example, in my front room, I have a simple oval pattern on my curtains, a floral pattern on the throw rug, and a coral pattern on the throw pillows for my couch. These sound like they might clash, but they don't. Why?, because they are one of the five colors I have chosen for the room and the patterns are not right next to each other. No putting stripes and polka dots together people! 

Unlike patterns, having a variety of different textures is a good thing. I love adding a lot of different textures to each room to help complete the look and make it unique. I really love the weathered wood look. I guess you can call it rustic. I also love rawt iron and burlap. You can mix and match all kinds of textures/materials as long as they are one of the colors you chose for the room. A few different examples would be, metals, woods, iron, stainless steal, fabrics, and glass. Don't be afraid to mix new with old either!

My last style tip is about creating balance. You don't want to have too much of anything. Remember, you want your home to tell your story and I'm sure there are many different things that make your story unique. You don't want to have too many pillows on your bed that you can't even lay down. Neither do you don't want to have too many plants in your house, so that people feel like they are in the jungle when they come over. On the other hand, when styling certain areas, such as shelves, you don't want to have too little, making it look incomplete. Once you start to play around with stuff, and rearrange things, you will begin to learn if there is too much or too little.

Most importantly, don't be afraid to try something. Even the best of the best make mistakes. It's fun to experiment, that's how you learn! You have to start somewhere!

Many Blessings,

Friday, August 12, 2016

Lazy Days of Summer

I have to confess, we have been home from vacation since Monday, and it's taken me all week to get back on track. I haven't felt like doing much of anything, to be honest. I finally got everything unpacked and washed, the house cleaned, and caught up on sleep. That drive home was brutal! I have never been so happy to get home. Not that our trip wasn't fantastic, it was just that we decided to drive through the night, so Grey could sleep, but for some reason we were both so tired this time.

It's been exactly two weeks since I have posted anything, and if I can be honest, it took all my energy to get this post done for today. Part of me felt guilty, but another part said, who cares. Sometimes you just need to rest and do nothing. Do you ever feel like that? Believe me, it's hard for me to just sit back and relax, without feeling like I accomplished at least something everyday, but I am learning that it's ok. Most things in life can wait! The world is not going to come to an end because you didn't finish cleaning, or because you didn't get that post done today. I am learning that it is just as important to rest, relax, and enjoy doing nothing, as it is to be extremely busy and productive!

We had an amazing time in Maine. We did do a lot of fun stuff, but we also did a lot of relaxing and it was fun to just sit on the porch and laugh without worrying about what had to be done! It was so peaceful and quiet there. I loved every second!! I've shared some of my favorite photos so that you can imagine yourself there! Close your eyes and take a five minute mini vacation!

Over the next few weeks I plan to post parts 3 and 4 of Creating Your Nest. You can read parts 1 and 2 by following the links below. I also plan to do another Favorite People post. Last month's post was on my favorite bloggers. You can read that post too by following the link below. I plan to take a week or two off from posting in the beginning of September, because that's when I will be starting back to work and my little boy will be starting Pre-School for the first time. 

Finally, be sure to follow along for the rest of August in my prayer challenge. You can download the calendar and read all about it here >> August Prayer Challenge

I don't know what the rest of your Summer looks like, maybe you are off like me, or maybe you aren't. Either way, make sure you take time to rest and relax! And don't feel bad about it, your body (and family and friends) will thank you!

Many Blessings,