Tuesday, October 11, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 11

I am a sucker for memory keeping projects, if that is such a thing. I guess some would call it keeping a photo album or scrapbooking, but I like to document my memories in other ways. It's not that I dislike photo albums and memory books, I have some of my own. I just like to find unique ways of displaying & documenting my history and the memories we make as a family! 

I am sure that you have probably seen some version of the heart map photo frame before. I choose to make one for our anniversary dates. Our first year married, we went to Baltimore, MD. We had so much fun!! The year after that I was pregnant with our son, so we could do anything too crazy. We went into Philly for the night and had a fantastic dinner. During our 3rd year, we were still getting used to being parents, so we dropped our son off at our in-laws and just came back to our place for a night alone. Our fourth year was the best by far. We went to Mexico for 5 days and it was amazing. Just this past year we stayed local, but decided on a mutual anniversary gift that we both had been wanting to have done with the house. What a better way to document all these years, then to have a cute heart map of the places we have been to celebrate!

Heart Map Photo Frame

What You Need

1. A nice 11x14 frame with an inlay. The inlay gives the project a more finished look. You can
    probably only fit about 9 hearts inside though. I plan to start a new one after this one is filled.
2. Maps from different locations you have been. I just googled mine and then printed out the map.
3. Heart hole punch (Michaels sells them).
4. Glue stick

Step by Step

1. Print out your maps from Google and punch a heart around the cities that you visited or stayed at
    for each anniversary.

2. You can also cut them out by hand, if you like. Just fold the map in half and then cut half of a  
     heart. The hearts turn out even this way, although each individual heart you cut out may differ
     slightly in size, unless you are a really good heart cuter outer, lol.

3. Glue them inside the framed inlay, directly onto the frame backing that comes with the frame. If
    you don't like that look, feel free to glue them to a nice piece of card stock, just make sure they are

I love this project, because whenever I look at the little hearts, I think about our little trips and the memories we made there for each anniversary! I still need to do one for our 5 year!

Many Blessings,


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