Wednesday, October 12, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 12

I really want to purchase a pair of chevron wooden arrows, like these here ----> arrows. I don't know why, but I really love the look of them. I saw a really nice pair once, from a small shop owner on Etsy, but I was too late in claiming them. I have tried Home Goods, but they never seem to have them, or when they do, they aren't quite the style that I am looking for. I have also seen a few others from home decor stores, but most are way too pricey. I am determined to find a set eventually, but until I do, I came up with an easy, and cost free way to create some cute arrows of my own. 

Cork Arrows

What You Need 

1. Corks from wine bottles (As your saving your bottles for Monday's project save the corks for 
2. Hot glue
3. Paint (any color)

Step by Step

1. So I may have lied to you in Monday's post, when I told you that the project for that day was the
    easiest. This one is. You only really need two items that you hot glue together to form an arrow.
    Just follow the pattern in the photos above and glue together as you go. The painting is optional
    when you are done. I may even do another one and move them closer together.

2. After you finish gluing and painting, just add one of the command velcro strips and press to the
    wall. You only need one little one though, these arrows are very light. You can also make them a
    little bigger, just add more corks to each row and make more rows.

So simple and fun, and even though they aren't like the wooden ones I really want, they will do for now! See you tomorrow!!

Many Blessings,

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