Sunday, October 16, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 16

Last night we hosted small group bible study at our house. It's always a great time when we get together, but I am always exhausted afterwards. Long story short, I did not get to do my post yesterday. No worries though, I just skipped that day, and continued right along. I even have an awesome giveaway for you! Today's project sort of piggy backs off of the previous post. I loved my book page wreath so much that I decided to create book page angel wings. These aren't very big, roughly 8x10 in size. 

Book Page Angel Wings 

What You Need 

1. Small Old Book (try your local library book sales, estate sales, or yard sales).
2. 10 x12 piece of cardboard
3. Hot glue 
4. Scotch Tape
5. Command velcro strip

Step by Step

1. First you need to rip out about 20 pages and cut them in half to form squares.

2. Then you want to roll the squares on an angle to form your cone shape and then tape it off. 

3. Next, you want take your angel wing template and cut it out of your card board piece. This is 
    what you will glue your book pages to. Click ---> here for some template ideas. I drew mine
    free hand, but I didn't save it. You can find many different styles on Pinterest though.

4. The last step is to start gluing on the cone shape book pages. You want to follow your template 
    having the pointed end towards the middle and the open ends towards the edge. I let about half
    an inch of the open end part, hang over the edge of the card board template. You don't want the
    cardboard to show. I only did two rows of layering with the pages. You can do more, building 
    inwards, making sure to stagger your cone pages as you glue (see the photos above as a guide).

5. Finally, you can add a Command velcro strip to the back of the cardboard so you can hang it on
    your wall. I also added a small starfish to the middle of mine, but you don't have to add anything.

Make sure you enter the giveaway below that is being run by DaySpring! And thanks to you, my awesome followers for joining along on this journey!

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