Sunday, October 23, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 23

Happy Sunday Funday! I hope everyone is feeling better than I am. Yesterday, I did absolutely nothing, which is why you didn't see a post from me. Today, I was able to get a few things done and I am now writing this post, while laying on the couch, with some hot tea, watching football. Sometimes your body just needs the rest. Today's home project is another link up. Although, I did mine a little different than Cami does hers. Head on over to her blog, Tidbits, if you would rather do it her way!

Pumpkin Decal Pillows

What You Need 

1. Pillows without pillow cases
2. Burlap
3. Colored fabric of choice (needs to be a light color though or you won't be able see the pumpkin)
4. Jolee's Easy Image Iron On transfer pages
5. Safety pins
6. Iron

Step by Step

1. First you need to cut out two burlap squares that are a little smaller in size than your pillows.

2. Next, safety pin your burlap squares to the pillow, in all four corners, and in the middle of the edge
    for all sides.

3. Print out two of the pumpkins that you are going to iron on. Head over to Tidbits for the free
    download of the pumpkins. Follow the instructions at Jolee's Easy Image on how to print your
    image from your computer onto the iron-on transfer paper.

4. After the pumpkins are printed, cut out two small squares from your colored fabric of choice. They
    need to be a little bigger than the pumpkins.

5. Next, continue following the instructions at Jolee's Easy Image, on how to iron your pumpkin to
    your fabrics squares. It's really simple.

6. Once they are cooled, peel off the backing. Now all you have to do is safety pin the squares to the
    middle of the pillow. I did all four corners.

As you can see mine are a little different than Cami's, but the idea was all hers, and I am so glad she shared this idea. It is one of my favorite projects!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Only 8 more days left in this challenge!! And if you have not entered the DaySpring giveaway yet, there is still time! Follow the link below to enter.

Many Blessings,

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