Monday, October 31, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 30

Today's project isn't really something that you are going to make or assemble. It is about styling certain areas of your home. I love creating vignettes in my home. I have many that I change up depending on the season. The one that I am going to focus on today is the one right by my front door when you walk into my home. It is very simple, but adds just the right touch to that room and hopefully makes others feel welcome and cozy when they come over.

Styled Fall Vignette

What You Need

1. Large basket
2. Variety of pumpkins (real or fake)
3. Cozy throw blanket
4. Decorative pillow (I choose one that goes well with each season)
5. Boots (optional)
6. Large decorative Vase/Jug
7. Branches or wheat grass

Step by Step

1. The instructions for styling your fall vignette are really based on how you want to arrange your
    items and where in your home you want to do this. This type of vignette is styled on the floor,
    opposed to other types that are created on tables or mantles. Feel free to copy mine or arrange
    yours however you like. I started with my basket and put the pillow on one side and had the cozy
    blanket on the other side with part of it hanging out. I then added the pumpkins around inside the
    basket. I placed my boots on the outside of the basket on the side so you can still see everything.
    Finally I placed my large milk jug behind all of it in the back corner. You can add other items to
    your vignette or you can leave some out. Whatever captures that Fall season.

Many Blessings,


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