Wednesday, October 5, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 5

I love gallery walls! I have two in my home, one in my living room, and one upstairs in my bedroom. You can put whatever you like on your gallery wall and it will look great. Think of it as a way to tell your story. You can do all pictures/paintings. You can do some wood work with other decorative items. The possibilities are endless!! 

Gallery Wall

What you Need

1. Whatever items you want to hang. (pictures, signs, hand made crafts, dishes, words, etc.)
     Each piece I have on my wall is meaningful to me and tells a little about myself and my family.

2. Command velcro picture hanging strips and thumb tacks. That's right I don't use nails. You may
    however, need to use a nail, if you have a really big heavy item to hang.

Step by Step

1. First, you want to arrange your items on the floor the way you want to hang them on the wall (like
    a blueprint). Depending on where you want to your gallery to be, you should measure the length of
    the wall and then find where the center is and mark a line with a pencil.

2. Next, start hanging things working from the center, moving out, based on your arrangement.
    For example, when I measured my wall, I found the center and then measured about how long my
    items were that I wanted to hang (from end to end, I measured all the items while they were laid
    out on the floor. You can see that there really isn't one item that is dead center. What I did was, take
    one of the pieces towards the middle of my gallery (window frame) and lined up the left edge of
    that with my centerline on the wall. Then I worked my way out and up hanging items. Does that
    make sense? Or did I loose you? It really is a lot easier that it looks. It's easy to move things
    around or into a different spot if you use thumb takes and velcro strips. They don't leave big holes
    in your walls. You also want to make sure the pieces around the outside are lined up.  This creates
    the edges and gives it shape (See the photo above for an idea of what I mean in regards to spacing
    items) My gallery is a rectangular shape. You can make yours into a square or a circle. Its up to

Best of Luck in creating your gallery wall. I know it can be intimidating, but it's not that hard once you get started!

Many Blessings,

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