Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Top 5 Under $20

So as I continue to get older, the more aware I am of my skin and my body, and how it is aging. You don't really think much about it until one day, you're old! Well,..... older! It's not that I did horrible things to my body or skin, it's just that I didn't think as much about them when I was younger. Therefore, I didn't take as best care of them, as I should have.

As I searched for beauty products more recently, I have found two things. It is very hard to find products that are completely organic/natural, without chemicals and all that (there is a long list of no-no ingredients, some worse than others). Number two, if you do find a product that is all natural without any chemicals and all that, they tend to be very expensive!!!

That was my dilemma and I refused to spend a fortune on beauty products and other organic/natural items. I knew that there had to be other options!! So I just kept on researching! And guess what, there ARE products out there that are all natural/organic that don't cost a fortune. Here is a list of my top five beauty products for under $20. I currently use all of these items and highly recommend because they do really work, they are all natural/organic, and affordable! You can click on each image if you would like to purchase for yourself.

I just want to state, that I know that there are people out there who believe in eating 100% organic and only using organic, natural products with no chemicals, and that's fine, maybe they can afford it! I can't and I personally do not believe that this will prolong my life. I believe that God is in control of my future and the outcome, and becoming overly obsessed with something is not good. That said, I am still going to do my best to take care of my body, skin, and my family.

BUT,...... and that's a big but, I am also going to enjoy my life. And if that means having an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts, or eating fast food once in awhile, or using sunscreen that is not organic, then so be it. I think I will be just fine! Some things once in awhile are ok!!

I hope that you found this list of products useful and didn't take offense to this post. I just wanted to share my experience and products I found, if any of you are in the same boat! If you have any products that you would like to share that are natural/organic and affordable, please comment below and let me know! Many Blessings!

Simply Yours,

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