Wednesday, May 1, 2019

It's Gonna Be May

Have you guys ever seen the meme of Justin Timberlake, singing a line from one of his ever so popular songs, It's gonna be Me? Except, it says May instead of Me. It usually pops up around this time, every year, before May. I thought it was only fitting for the title of this post.

It's been over a month since I have been on here to share with you guys and after this post it might be even longer before I am on here again. So..... I thought I would hop on here really quick and just fill you in on a few things! I have decided that I need more time away from social media (Instagram, Facebook) and blog writing. God has made it clear that this time with my family and little ones goes by so fast and there is no need for me to rush things. There will be plenty of time in the future for more blogging and Instagram! Am I right?

We have been working around the house a lot to clean out and organize. Over Spring Break, we cleaned up the yard and I got to work on my garden. We planted some more bushes and I also got to clean out my garage! Finally! This whole cleaning out and organizing really got me thinking about my blog. That's part of the reason why I decided to continue my break from writing. I need to go through everything and see what needs to go, and where I need to make some changes. I am always coming up with new ideas! Sometimes, these ideas stick and other times, not so much. I feel like I need to make things more uniform, and get rid of things that aren't really useful anymore. I am pretty much going to declutter and simplify my blog! I have lots of other fun stuff in store but not quite sure when I will be able to share. I plan to work on this while I take a break from writing and during the Summer while I am off.

Garden in progress. Need to add some more flowers and mulch!

I am so excited to tell you, that we finished our laundry room too! I am so happy with how it turned out. I am so glad that I decided to do this. I was planning on holding off, because I thought everything was going to cost too much money, but I got creative and we redid it all for a little over $100. Here are a few ways that we were able to save. I went to a bunch of thrift stores and online yard sales to find some sort of shelves that I could use ($15). Next I searched my home for pretty baskets that I could swap out and use in the laundry room (free). I also stole the shoe rack from my closet to use in the laundry room, since most of our shoes end up there anyway (free). I bought a gallon of paint from Lowes (distant gray $35.) I also bought the hardware for the shelves from Lowes ($25.) I re-used all of the wall decor that I already had in the laundry room to make it look pretty, and finally I purchased a new flush mount light ($30). I posted some photos below for you and I pose the same challenge to you. Are you putting off a project because you think that it will cost too much, and you don't have the money? I promise you, that it is totally doable!! You just have to brainstorm and think of alternative options to the really expensive stuff. I used Pinterest for inspiration and I used a lot of what I already had (and I didn't even realize I had it).

I had some time to go through and clean up my Pinterest page as well. I am really on a cleaning kick, I'll tell ya! I am happy though, that I did it. I had a lot of really old pins that were no longer useful and I did some re-arranging and added some new categories. I would love for you to check out my new page. Feel free to browse around some of the different boards I've created!

I had mentioned in my last post that I wanted to do a "100 Days of Watercolor" Challenge and create a free online organizing class! I still plan on doing both of these! I will send out an email with details on the challenge before it starts, so that you can join in with me, if you would like! This is going to be a simple task that you can do each day. I'm very excited, because I have been wanting to start doing watercolor painting for awhile now!

Once I have some down time this Summer, I will start working on the organizing class. This is going to take a little longer to complete, especially since, at this point, it is only an idea. I have no details or plans written out just yet. All I know is, I love to organize and clean out stuff, so I thought it would be a great way to share with you guys some of my tips and tricks!!

Stay tuned, tomorrow my Touch of Simple List will be going out for May. This might be the last one I send out for a few months, until I feel led to start back up! There is some really good stuff in there, so be sure to open it and don't delete it! I will leave you with this message from one of the pastors at my church. It was Sunday's sermon on the day my daughter was baptized. It is one of the best sermon messages that I have ever heard! Check it out here --> "What did you say?" Until next time... Many Blessings!!

Keep It Simple,