Sunday, December 8, 2019

Hope for Change

It's been awhile since I have written anything, and if I am being honest, it will probably be along time before I write again after this, but I have felt for awhile that I needed to write this post. There have been a lot of changes this past year. Each one defining who I am a little more. I used to think that I dealt with change well, although more recently, some of these changes that have occurred are the result of something not so good.

I could sit here and list all the different things that have changed, but it doesn't matter. What matters is realizing that change is possible and recognizing that in order for true change to happen we need to let Jesus do His work. Too often we pray for something not realizing we are asking Him to change something for us, whether it be our circumstances, a relationship, or someone else. Then what happens, is we don't fully trust that He can do it. We try to step in and change things in our own strength, on our own terms or we don't like His answer and the change is no what we anticipated!

Life is tough and when something happens that we aren't expecting, it changes everything. It forces us to change. For me this is what it's been lately and I'm learning more and more not to resist but to just trust that HE is good no matter what my circumstances. With Christmas only two and half weeks away, I am reminded everyday that, on the day Jesus was born, it changed everything. He was born unto us, as a human, to be with us, and one day save us.

Emmanuel, God with us! His birth represents hope for all!!

Hope for those who have lost.
Hope for the weary and afraid.
Hope for the sick and the hurting.
Hope for you & me!

And as we wait for the good to come out of our change, whatever it may be, as we walk through the difficulty of our change, let's hold onto that hope, that God is with us. He dwells within us, walks beside us, and goes before us. He is hoping for change just as we are! He longs for us to come to Him in full surrender to be changed. From that very first Christmas morning when He changed everything till the last day on this earth when everything will change again and be made new. He is with us, working in us, and through us, giving us hope for what's to come.

Many Blessings & Merry Christmas,