Hello Friends!

I am so glad you decided to stop on over and see what's going on here! This blog is a place for me to share my story with you. All of my ideas, creations, frustrations, and lots of encouragement. I did not always have a love for writing, but in life, God calls us to do many things that we never would have imagined ourselves doing! I can't say that I have it all together and I probably never will, but through His endless grace, I am doing my best each day to live out His purpose for my life!

I am a thirty something mom to my beautiful little boy Greyson and baby girl Ainsleigh, and a wife to one amazing guy! We have a cat named Saydee. She is the queen bee around here! I work full time, in a school, as a speech-language pathologist and have recently started my own side business of interior decorating. I love creating, organizing, and decorating. I have an obsession with pretty journals and making lists. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love to savor my coffee, and I cherish my morning quiet time. Most importantly, I am a follower of Christ!

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I'm pretty good at tennis and I love snowboarding! I have been doing both since middle school and hope to continue for as long as I am able.

2. I have a younger brother, who was adopted. We are about 12 years apart and we have a great relationship.

3. I love driving, but secretly hate being the passenger. Maybe, because I have that feeling of not being in control, and it's even worse if it's raining. You don't want me in your car!

4. When I was in high school I wanted to be a marine biologist. Then I went to college, and I realized it was way too much work and I am deathly afraid of sharks. What was I thinking?

5. I am really good at memorizing things. I know all the books of the Bible, all the presidents, and tons of other random stuff that I learned when I was younger and never forgot.

6. I am a true extrovert! I love being around others! It may have been said once or twice that I talk too much and I have a tendency to ramble on sometimes. Oops! Sorry not sorry!

7. My husband recently figured out that I am a huge John Hughes fan. Almost all of my favorite movies were either written or directed by him! I can watch his movies over and over again! 

8. I love rollercoasters! Since I can remember, I have always loved that feeling. Going super fast and upside down in circles till your stomach is in your throat feeling! My husband is the exact opposite though. Wonder what my son will be like?!

9. I love being outdoors! I am definitely an adventure girl. There is just something so amazing about being outside. The sounds, the smells, the beauty of every season! There is nothing that a few minutes outside, breathing in the fresh air, can't cure!

10. This last one, not sure it's a good thing, but I love to clean, organize things, and decorate! I am obsessed with having things neat and orderly (to a fault at times). There is something about a perfectly organized space that makes me smile! 

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