Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Teacher's Best Friend

Teachers Pay Teachers may be one of the best things ever created for educators. I am a speech language pathologist in a middle school and this website has quickly become my new best friend. There are millions of resources and materials that educators have created to share with other educators for a small fee. Most sellers offer free items too... BONUS!! I love it. I have found so many creative and useful materials/activities to use with my students. The people on TpT are so talented. I get so excited now, when doing my lesson plans, because it means that I get to look for new materials!

Up until a few months ago, I had only purchased items on TpT. I started to realize that a lot of the materials and activities I used with my students, I had created myself, and that other teachers and SLPs could probably use them too. So.... I decided to create my own Teachers Pay Teachers store, Kessler's Creative Corner.

Now, because I am still fairly new to the seller side of things, I don't have a whole of materials in my store just yet. I do have a lot of ideas in mind though! I have themed activities planned for March, April, and May. I just need to find the time to create them. Isn't that the problem for all of us though??   There is never enough time. Having a toddler, consumes a lot of my time when I am at home and when I am at work, I am usually seeing students for therapy or attending meetings. I blocked off some time in my schedule each week, specifically devoted to creating new materials, because this is very important to me and it is also something I enjoy. 

If I had to suggest one item, from my store, that I think would be great to use with any middle school students on your caseload, it would have to be, 'Inferencing with Images'. I love this activity and so do my students. It is a lot fun and it really engages the students while teaching them how to infer meaning from what they see.

On February 25th, Teachers Pay Teachers is running a 'Teachers are Heroes' sale. All you have to do is enter the code: HEROES, at check out, to receive 28% off your entire order!! I am so excited for this, because I have a lot of items on my 'Wish List' from other sellers that I follow. 

Come check out my store and if you like what you see, you can follow me and receive updates whenever I post something new to my store. 

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  1. So excited I found you! I also work in a middle school high school setting. i make many things myself and for tpt but I am always looking for new ideas!

    1. Carly, I am so glad that you found me too!! I checked out your TpT store, and it looks like you have lots of really great stuff!! Thanks for stopping by!