Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Summer Bucket List & A Giveaway

Summer is almost here and it's one of my favorite seasons. Growing up, I always looked forward to the summer. We had a pool in our back yard where I spent most of my time with my friends. We cooked out on the grill many nights and did lots of fun activities as a family. We also went to the beach a lot and traveled to another state at least once every summer.

Now that I have a little family of my own, I look forward to creating the same fun memories with them. This summer I have lots of fun things planned for all of us, so I decided to create a bucket list. There are a few things that I have planned for myself, a few things that I want to do as a family, and a few things that are just mama and little one.

One thing that I wanted to do as a family, was rent a shore house in Ocean City. We planned this awhile back and as an added bonus, we were able to rent a house with some of my closest friends and their little ones. We had a blast! It was the first time that my son had been on any rides, and he loved it. Watching him get so excited, made my heart melt. It is a memory that I will forever have in my heart. First family & friends beach vacation, check!

Chasing Uncle Den up and down the hallway was so much fun

A few other things that I want to do as a family this summer.

1. Take a trip to Stockton University and walk around. My husband and I both graduated from there.
     I know that a lot has changed since we were there and I think it would be great to go down for the 
     day and walk around.

2. Take a trip to Storybook Land. 

3. Go to Blueberry Hill and have a picnic lunch. I just found out about this little spot and it is so 

A few things that I want to do for myself.

1.  Spend one day a week working on blog stuff and finish random projects that I have been putting
     off for quite some time now.

2. Take some day trips to the beach with friends and go out to dinner.

3. Read at least 4 of the books on my "Reading List".

A few things that I want to do with my son.

1. Eat ice cream and watch the fire flies at night.

2. Go to the lake, and feed the ducks. 

3. Take a trip to Johnson's Farm to pick some fruit & see all the animals.

These are just a few things that I have listed, but there are also a lot of other things that we do together as a family and as mama and son every day. 

Grey and I at his favorite spot, watching the cars go by.

I have created a cute little bucket list for you to --> download and fill out with your ideas for the summer. Feel free to take any of my bucket list ideas and use them. If you have any ideas of your own that you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment. 

Oh, about that giveaway!! So, I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway to start off the summer. I had mentioned that one of my personal bucket list thing's to do was spend at least one day a week blogging and working on other projects. I have so many ideas and dreams to help grow my blog, but I never seem to have enough time. I am so glad that my hubby agreed to watch my little one all day, once a week, so that I can pursue those dreams. I got to thinking that maybe there are tons of others out there who have a dreams too. I created this 'Summer Dreams' Giveaway with that in mind. Stop over to my Instagram page (the.erin.elizabeth), for all of the details and rules on how to enter. I hope that you can find some time this summer to pursue your dreams.

Many Blessings,


  1. such an adorable blog! love reading it!

  2. Cute giveaway! I would like to make my photography an official business and start a family with my husband :)

  3. I would like to start running/exercising again.

  4. I downloaded the bucket list and will start working on mine....great idea.

  5. Never heard of blueberry hill. Can't wait to see your pics!