Monday, October 12, 2015

A Writing Challenge: Day 11 & 12

So I let it happen again. I'm so mad at myself. I let something so little ruin the second half of my day, which in turn caused me not to make my post for the day. I am so sorry for that! Looking back now, I know that this little mishap was not my fault, and I should not have let it get me so upset!

Well today is a new day! I have forgiven myself for yesterday and have had such a great day so far today!

Praise: I praise Him for all His beauty and splendor. Today was such a beautiful fall day! I had off from work so I was able to take my son for a wonderful long walk this morning. The weather was perfect and the scenery around us was just so beautiful. To think about creation and all that it entails, is amazing. It's truly a miracle. Every little thing has such fine detail and purpose. Our earth is a true beauty. I thank Him for that!!

Prayer: Today's prayer is for forgiveness. Not about the mishap that I got so upset about, because my husband convinced me that it wasn't my fault, and he was right. It was for getting so upset and letting it ruin the rest of my day and change my mood and I didn't end up getting anything accomplished after that. I know we can all relate. So this prayer is for you as well,if you need to ask for forgiveness. No matter what it is, He will always forgive you if you ask!

Dear gracious Heavenly Father, Please forgive me for allowing something so small to change my attitude. I know that I should have come to You first. Please give me the wisdom to react differently next time so that my attitude is a reflection of how you would act. Thank you for always forgiving me when I ask. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

This art print pretty much sums up my day. Just add a little mommy and me time and it's been the perfect day off! Download it for free.

Many Blessings,

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