Monday, October 19, 2015

A Writing Challenge: Day 19 & A Giveaway!!

I can't believe that I am more than halfway done this Write 31 Day challenge. It has been such a joy writing and sharing with you. I initially decided to do this challenge as a way to encourage others through praise and prayer. I have to say that I have been more encouraged through this process than I ever thought. God has opened my heart to some many things over just the past few weeks and I am so glad that I was able to participate this year.

Praise: Today's praise is about new beginnings and second chances. This morning I was listening to K-love when a song came on that I love. One of the lines in the song says, "It's day one of the rest of my life, it's day one of the BEST of my life." I love this, because it becomes more real when you actually think about the meaning. Every new day is a gift. It is day one, (pause for added emphasis) of the rest. of. your. life!! Yesterday is gone. It's in the past. Along with every other decision or choice that you may have made that might not have been the best one. That's so awesome to me. Now, I am not saying that I want to forget everything in the past, but it's very encouraging to know that when we mess up or make a mistake, we get a second chance!! Everyday is a new day and it can be the best day! So that means that if I try my best today and it's still not my best and I fall short (which I probably will), tomorrow is a new day. The first and best day of the rest of my life to try again or start over, and that's so amazing to me and I praise Him for that!

Prayer: Today's prayer is for blessings and protection of my new home. My husband and I moved into our home just about the time I started this 31 day challenge. Needless to say we have been very busy unpacking, painting, decorating, and figuring out what other random furniture we need. In the midst of all of this, even though I have thanked Him on several occasions for this home, I have not really taken the time to ask Him for His blessings upon it. I decided that this weekend I would create some sort of remembrance and give thanks for this blessing and promise He fulfilled to us. Here is the shortened version of the prayer that I have written which is a little longer and more personal to my family.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You and praise You for this beautiful home that you have blessed our family with. It is a gift from You, that we surely don't deserve. I pray that we will use this house to love and serve others in anyway possible, as to bring glory and honor to You. I ask for Your blessing over this house. Please protect this house when we are not here and keep us safe from harm when we are dwelling in it. I pray for many memories filled with joy and love in the years ahead. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

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Many Blessings,

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