Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Writing Challenge: Day 22

Praise: Today's praise is for all the gifts that we don't see but are there all the time. I have been working hard to count the gifts He gives everyday, but I know that there are times when He gives and I don't see it, because really, isn't everything a gift? My job, sure there are days when I wish I could stay home and do nothing, but without it, I would not be able to pay my bills or provide for my family. Cleaning, yes it can be so tedious and tiring, but the fact that I clean, means I have a home. No hot water, lets just say the first step into that shower is not easy, but it means I have clean running water. Really hard situations filled with pain and hurt, they are not easy, but it means I about to feel things. I means I'm living and it's all a part of real life. So I keep counting the gifts and I praise Him for the all the ones that go unnoticed because I know there are so many!

Prayer: My prayer today is for wisdom. I recently received my new devotional, Women In the Word, from She Reads Truth. I can't wait to start it! My prayer is that through this study I will gain wisdom and knowledge to that I can handle any situation in a godly way. Two verses come to mind today when I think of wisdom. I am going to say them as a prayer, inserting my name into them. You can pray them with me.

Dear Jesus, Please help Erin to be diligent in studying Your Word, so that she can be approved unto You, as a servant that need not be ashamed, and can rightly divide the Word of truth. Let Erin's speech be always full of grace and seasoned with salt so that she may know how to answer everyone. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

Here are some photos I took from our adventure to Johnson's farm the other day.

It was such a fun day! As you can tell, by my son's facial expressions in each photo. He is always so excited and I love that about him!

Many Blessings,

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