Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Writing Challenge: Day 29

Praise: Today's praise is for His heavenly peace. I am so grateful that He stills my soul. Whether I am  overworked, overwhelmed, or worried, He brings a peace that transcends all. All I have to do is lift my voice in a simple prayer, turn it all over to Him and will bring a peace that passes all understanding. Praise God for that!

Prayer: My prayer ties into my praise today. As we are coming to a close with our #write31days challenge, I can say that Gd has really been working in my heart over the past few weeks regarding several different situations. Through writing about praise and prayer, He has really given me a peace about everything. I can honestly say when you make time for Him everyday, my days just seem more peaceful. Now, I am not saying everyday is perfect. I have definitely had some hard days, but during those hard times I have still been at peace, because ultimately I know that He is still in control of everything. This has allowed me to let go of things a lot easier and move on faster, instead of staying worries or overwhelmed in my situation. I pray this prayer for you, so that in the days to come you can experience this same peace no matter what your situation.

Dear loving Father, I thank You for all that I have learned over these past few weeks, while participating in this writing challenge. I ask that you would continue to bring peace into all areas of my life. I pray this for all my friends as well. Help to still their hearts and focus on the good. Bring them a peace that passes all understanding, so that no matter what their situation they will know that You are in control. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

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Many Blessings,

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