Friday, October 9, 2015

A Writing Challenge: Day 9

Praise: Today I praise Him for He is a God of hope. Most of the time when we think of hope, it's the quick, fleeting desire for something good. "I hope I get this job". "I hope your day goes ok". "I hope that I have something nice to wear tonight". These are all temporary hopes, and they are not bad. It's good to have hope! But the kind of hope that I am talking about is an everlasting hope that God promises for us. This is a hope that when things don't always work out the way that 'we hoped' they would, God still promises a hope of everlasting life! And I praise Him for that because that is the kind of hope I want to really hold on to. 

Prayer: Today's prayer goes along with our praise, because even though I know this everlasting hope is there, sometimes it's really hard for me to see. I focus on the hopes that I had, that didn't work out for me, and I'm left sad and disappointed. This prayer is for anyone who needs to find that everlasting hope. 

Dear Lord, I know that sometimes I focus on my hopes. The things that I want to see happen or the situations that I want to change. I know that it is not bad to have hope, but when I put my hope in other things instead of you, I miss out on that everlasting hope, which is far greater than anything I could ever want in this life. Please help me to trust you for every outcome and give me wisdom to accept that not everything will work out as I hope. In Your Precious Name we pray, Amen. 

Happy Weekend! Enjoy this fall weather!

Many Blessings,

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