Thursday, December 31, 2015

Be Present! A Plan for the New Year!

I can't believe we are done with another year already. Each year seems to go by faster and faster, but they also get better and better, so it's ok. I guess that's how it is when you have kids.

We had a big year this year, filled with lots of great moments, but some really tough times as well. I have to count it all as a blessing though, because even the hard times produce gifts, such as perseverance and a stronger faith!

Looking back on the goals I set for this year, I can't say that I am disappointed. I feel that most of what I set, I accomplished. There were a few things that maybe I need to continue to work on this year, but hey, nobody is perfect. I didn't expect to accomplish everything. Overall, it has been a very successful, rewarding year, and I am so very grateful for everything!

This year my focus is on others. To be present in every moment. Whether, I am at work, out with a friend, at home with my family, or spending quiet time by myself. I need to be more present in all that I do. Now that my years seem to be flying by, I can't afford to miss out on the important things.

In fact, if I can be honest, we all need to be a little more present in what we do. This means.....

~ Putting down our phones when engaging with others.
~ Scheduling less each month, so we have more time for what is important
~ Creating more meaningful exchanges
~ Less multitasking

The truth is, not one of us is promised tomorrow, and if we aren't careful with how we spend our time, it will be gone before we know it.

How do you want others to remember you by?

I already know my answer.

I wish you nothing but the best in 2016 and I hope that you achieve all that you set out to do!

Many Blessings,

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