Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekend Update

February has been fun! Filled with many great days and also some not so great days, but everyday has been an adventure and a learning experience, and I look forward to what is ahead. I have been trying to focus on the positive and be present in every moment!

I really enjoyed studying the scriptures on love this month. I learned so much. It just goes to show, that you can never stop growing in the Word. I feel like some of these scriptures, I have read a dozen times, and every time I take away something different. I wanted to share with you a few important take aways that I learned this month.

first. You can't truly love others the way God wants you to, if you don't love who you are! We simply can not treat others the way we want to be treated, if we don't respect ourselves.

second. Really loving someone means putting their interests above your own interests and stop trying to make a point or be right all the time. 

third. Anyone can do anything just to say they did it or to make themselves feel better, but if it was done without love, it means nothing.

fourth. Love doesn't cost anything, it is absolutely free and Jesus has plenty of it with no strings attached! We love because He first loved us. We have the choice to love others everyday in all that we do. I know it's not easy sometimes, but thats why we pray for His strength!

fifth. Perfect love casts out fear. God's love is perfect and He continues to perfect it in us as we grow in His knowledge and let the Holy Spirit fill us with His inner strength. Love conquers all.

There was a whole lot more, but these were the things that really spoke to my heart as I studied the scriptures. 

One of the scripture verses really stuck with me and so I rewrote it according to how I felt God speaking to my heart. This is what I feel God was speaking to me as I read these verses.

The Way of Love

Love doesn't rush others or get frustrated having to wait. Love thinks about what it says, before it says it. Love encourages and breathes life. Love is always grateful for what it has, while maintaining humility, knowing that it all came from the Lord. Love does not think of itself better than anyone else or treat others disrespectfully. Love is selfless, lets others go first, considers itself last, and doesn't always have to be right. Love doesn't get annoyed with others. Love understands that we all have our faults and doesn't bring up past offenses. Love doesn't like evil and rejoices when the truth comes out. Love admires honesty and endures all things. Love puts up with the worst of times but never loses faith or hope because of His promise to us. Love always wins!!

I hope that you will join in with me for my next topic. I have decided to skip the month of March, with Easter coming up. I have a special devotional that I will be reading this month. Check back at the end of the month for the new packet on our next topic, anger and gentleness.

I leave you with our weekly truth and the past few week's Pinterest projects that I have completed. Although, the paper Dahlias proved to be way too hard and time consuming, so I just had my talented friend whip me up one. I love what she created! It's so much better than what I would have done.

7. Paper Dahlias mine is a lovely felt dahlia wreath my friend made for me.

8. Upcycle cans with twine I decided to upgrade my plastic plant pots by adding some rope twine.

5. Anniversary heart map frame  These are all the places we have gone for each anniversary!

Many Blessings,

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