Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Attire

I am so excited about Spring! Even though Summer is my favorite season, Spring lets you know that longer, warmer days are right around the corner. I love hearing the birds early in morning, seeing the trees start to blossom with pretty white and pink flowers, and I love celebrating Easter with family, knowing I have the whole entire week off after!

I also love to go shopping for new spring/summer clothes! I was on the fence about what to wear for Easter this year, but I think I finally decided on a dress! In the process I picked three different outfits that are perfect for Easter! Whether you love to get dressed up or stay casual, these three outfits are perfect!


This outfit is for those who love to get really dressed up. That's me! Probably because I don't get to do it that often, but I love wearing dresses! This is my choice for Easter. I have a nice peach fashion necklace that will dress it up just a little more too.


This outfit is for those of you who still love to get dressed up, but are not huge fans of wearing a dress unless you have to. I love this outfit! This was my second choice, and I had a hard time choosing between the two, but I really love the dress. I can't wait to wear this outfit out somewhere. 


Shirt // Pants // Shoes // Scarf (gift)

This outfit is for those of us who really don't like to get dressed up, but still want to look nice. Believe me, as much as I love to get dressed up, I also love to be comfortable and dress casual. I love this look, because it is still a little dressy, but very comfortable. I plan on changing into this for dinner at our house. There is no way I'm cooking in that dress! 

Whatever you decide to wear on Easter,  even if you stay in your pajamas, I am sure you will look fabulous!

Many Blessings,

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