Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Simple Life


Why do they seem to run our life?

How much money do we have?

How many likes on my Instagram post?

How many followers on my blog?

How many people will show up to my party?

Somehow, we think these numbers make us who we are. We believe that these numbers make us something, something big, something important. We want the approval. We want the praise.

What if that's not what we were created for? The big stuff. The glory.

What if we were created for the everyday, small, simple things, so that we could honor Him and bring Him glory.

The other day as I was writing down my three things that I was thankful for that day, I started to look back through the previous days and weeks. I realized that all of these things that I had written down, were small simple things.

Sure there will be big spotlight moments in our lives and yes, it's ok to be excited about them. Just remember Who they came from and why they were all possible. God blesses us in so many ways but I feel that the biggest blessings come from the small simple moments of serving Him in our everyday work.

We were not created for glory. We were created to serve others, as to bring Him glory. We were made small, so that He could be made great.

And what a great God he is! Deserving of so much honor, glory, and praise!

Yet, His son, Jesus, He never needed that approval. He didn't care about the numbers. He lead a quiet life, just loving and serving others.

Let's celebrate and be thankful for those small simple moments and stop focusing on the numbers. Instead, let's focus on a very small number, number 1, because that's all we need. One Jesus, one God, one Savior.

Many Blessings,

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