Sunday, July 31, 2016

August Prayer Challenge

So we leave tonight for vacation and I am still a little nervous about the drive, but I am trusting that God will be with us and give us a smooth trip with no hiccups.

Recently, my heart has been heavy for many reasons. Even as I was preparing part of this post, I got a phone call with some pretty bad news and I was left even more overwhelmed and hurt. After I took some time to process everything I got on my knees and began to pray. I didn't immediately feel better about the situation after I prayed that day, but over the past 3 days as I continued to pray about it, I have become more at peace.

Prayer changes things. And it may not change what you think it's gonna change, but it changes things.
It doesn't change my current situation, but it changes my heart and my attitude about it. This is why prayer is so important for all of us. Most of the time we are not meant to change or fix things that we are faced with, that's God's job. He is the only one who can handle the really hard stuff, but we can pray about it, because prayer allows for our hearts to be changed during the hard times and difficult circumstances. When we go to Him in prayer He offers His peace, comfort, strength, and love to get us through, because we can't on our own!

For the month of August, I have created a prayer calendar for each day of the month. I have written in different things to pray for every day. Some of the prayers are for others (family, friends, neighbors) and some are for us (peace, love, healing). I added the calendar below so that you can join in this challenge with me. We need more of us to come together in prayer. It says in His Word, where two or more are gathered together, He is there with them. This is where the healing begins and we begin to receive His peace and strength for whatever situation we are faced with!

To download this prayer challenge card, follow the link here --> august prayer challenge

And trust me when I say, I know the struggle is real, but so is Jesus!!

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Many Blessings,

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