Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Least Favorite Things

Fear & Worry. My two least favorite things. Why? Because, once they grab hold of you, they consume you, and it becomes very hard to remove those negative thoughts.

I have to say though, I have been pretty good lately. Trying my best to not let fear and worry get in my way, but it happened. Two Fridays ago on a trip up to Pennsylvania with my son. We were probably only 5 minutes away from where we were going, when it happened. I could see the look on my son's face. He was pale & green and extremely quiet. Before I could ask, "Are you ok?",  it all came up. All over him and his car seat, and the smell, ugh! I was really trying to hold myself together. I yelled to my husband to pull the car over and we jumped out quickly and he wiped everything down and changed him. I felt so bad. I should have been trying to comfort him and make him feel better. Instead, I was freaking out and made my husband clean him up.

Most people would just brush off this event as no big deal. It would be forgotten the next day, but not for someone who has a fear of vomit. You see, I have had this fear my entire life. I know that it may sound silly, but it's real and it's not fun! And even worse, I feel like a terrible mama for not wanting to have to deal with it when it happens.

Since that day, I have been consumed with fear and anxiety every time we get in the car now. Every two seconds, I'm like, "Are you ok? Do you feel sick?" I know my husband is definitely annoyed at how I act in the car now.

I hate it.

Photo Credit: Kristin Schmucker

We leave for Maine on Sunday and I needed to figure out a plan. When I took a minute to really think about the situation, this is what I noticed. I haven't been the best with my prayers and studying my Bible the past few weeks. I know that because of this, it has made it even harder for me to overcome this anxiety and fear. So here's what I did. I pulled out the next topic from my 'Explore My Heart' devotional and decided that I would spend each day, till Sunday when we leave, studying the verses and praying over my son and for myself. This month's topic was on peace & comfort, plus I added a few about rest in there too. I had gotten so busy, that I really had not be studying this topic over the past few weeks and it's clear that I should have been.

Are there things in your life that cripple you with fear and anxiety, when all you want is peace and comfort that everything is going to be ok? I know the only thing that is going to allow me to have peace and find rest in Him, is when I go to Him in prayer and study His Word. You can find this peace too! To download this month's devotional topic,  just click the link below.

Peace & Comfort

I will also be including the rest of the devotional topics for you to download and use whenever. Just click on their links below as they become available over the next week.

Strength & Perseverance
Discipline & Obedience
Grace & Humility
Joy & Gratitude

I know that this fear I have will never totally go away, but when I go to Him with it, I can rest in His peace that I will get through it and He will be with me, making it a little easier.

Many Blessings,

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