Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 1

Today's project is super easy and fun! There is nothing that screams fall, more than pumpkins around your home. While, I love real pumpkins, I absolutely love these fabric pumpkins. They are different and the fabric choices are endless. I promise once you make one, you will want to keep making them and soon your house will be filled with cute fabric pumpkins. They are the perfect touch to make your home extra comfy and cozy this fall!

Fabric Pumpkins

What You Need

1. Fabric (any kind)
2. Scissors
3. Needle & Thread
4. Thick tree stems or pumpkin stems
5. Cotton Filler (for stuffing)
6. Ribbon/Raffia (optional)

Step by Step

1. First, you need to cut out circles from your fabric. Don't worry about making them perfectly symmetrical. Make the circles bigger for a bigger pumpkin or smaller for mini ones. See the examples in the photo above.

2. Next, you want to thread your needle and tie a big knot at the bottom. Make sure you tie it a few times, you don't want the end to slip through the fabric. You can start the needle anywhere on the outer edge of the circle.

3. You want to weave the needle in and out of the fabric along the entire outer edge of the circle. Once you reach where you started, you gentle pull on the thread to bring all the fabric together. It will bunch up to form a small opening at the top. You will see the shape of the pumpkin start to form, but you still need to stuff your pumpkin to keep the shape.

4. Once you have pulled the thread tightly and you have a small opening at the top, you want to tie it off so that it does come un-bunched. Simply run the needle through the edge and tie a knot. Cut off any remaining thread. Next you can stuff your pumpkin through the opening at the top with the cotton filler. Do this until you reach your desired thickness for each pumpkin.

5. Finally, insert a thick tree branch or even a pumpkin stem into the hole (opening) at the top. I like to find real pumpkins that have really long stems, so that I can break part of it off and use it for these pumpkins. Secure it in place with a little hot glue and tie some ribbon or raffia around it.

That's it!! Hope you have fun making them! Stop back tomorrow for our next home project!

Many Blessings,