Monday, October 17, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 17

I love decorating for the Fall, inside and out. It is so much fun to come up with new ideas every year. I am not a huge fan of the brass lights out front of my house. Unfortunately, I don't plan on redoing them until we redo all the siding on the house and replace the front door. I needed to find something to make the lights a little prettier. I found some extra burlap ribbon I had from a previous project, and a bag full of pinecones from a centerpiece I made last year. 

Pinecone Ribbon Light 

What You Need

1. Burlap ribbon 2 inches wide.
2. Pinecones
3. Thin jute rope

Step by Step

1. First, tie your ribbon into two fairly large bows. Follow this ---> tutorial if you aren't good at tying

2. Next, cut a really long piece of jute rope. One by one, tie each pine cone to the rope. Starting at one
    end of the jute rope, I wrapped it under the top layer of the pine cone and tied a double knot.
    Moving down the rope an inch, I tied the next pine cone onto the jute the same way. I did this for 5
    pine cones on each rope.

3. After the pine cones are tied to the jute rope, cut an extra piece of jute to tie the pine cone rope to
    the back loop of the bow. You want the pine cones to hang down the middle of the long bow ends
    (see the top photo for an example of how to assemble).

4. Finally, cut one long piece of jute to tie the assembled bow and pine cones to your light. Dependin
    on how big your light is and how far you want the bow to hang down, that's how long you need to
    make the rope. I measured the rope before I cut mine.

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