Tuesday, October 18, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 18

My new obsession is creme and mint colored pumpkins/gourds. The are just so beautiful! I love that they have just a hint of color. They are perfect for my decorating style. However, some of those big guys can get pretty expensive. I had a few small dollar store pumpkins and an orange pumpkin bucket that weren't being used in my closet downstairs. I decided to spray paint them using two gorgeous colors I got from Target (see below). I used the pumpkin bucket as a planter for one of my mums and I hot glued the smaller ones to my burlap wreath I have on my front door.

Spray Painted Pumpkins

What You Need

1. Devine Color by Valspar spray paint --> satin white & flat cove
2. Dollar store pumpkins
3. Cheap pumpkin bucket --> like this one
4. Brown bags to lay your stuff on when you spray paint

Step by Step

1. First, lay out a bunch of brown grocery bags outside. I cut mine apart so that they would lay flat
    and they covered a bigger space. Put your pieces on the brown bags leaving enough room to
    maneuver around them.

2. Next, following the directions on your spray paint can, cover each item in your desired paint color
    choice. I did two coats on each piece I was painting. Let them dry completely.

3. For the planter, I had the cut a few slits in the top to peel back so that I could fit my mum inside the
    pumpkin bucket. The top opening wasn't large enough. Once the mum is inside the bucket, you
    see the slits in the top. You don't need to do this if your plant pot is small enough to fit in the

4. For the small pumpkins you can use them as part of a centerpiece, place them around the house in
    different areas, or you can add them to a wreath, like I did. I purchased my burlap wreath from a
    craft show awhile back and I am constantly changing it/adding stuff to it, depending on the season.

These are so easy and look so pretty, and they wont break your bank!

Many Blessings,

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