Sunday, October 2, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 2

I love having scriptures all through the house. They are such a great reminder of His promises. I have had this wooden tray for quite some time now, and while it was serving a good purpose as a centerpiece, I felt that I wasn't really showing off it's beautiful detail work. I was hesitant at first to paint it, but I decided to go for it, and I was more than pleased with how it turned out.

Scripture Tray 

What You Need

1. Wooden Tray (old or new)
2. Black Chalk Paint (I use Waverly Chalk Acrylic Paint in Ink, Matte Finish)
3. White paint pen (purchase at Michaels or Hobby Lobby)
4. Scripture verse printed on regular paper (letter size)
5. Chalk

Step by Step

1. First you need to clean your surface with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt.

2. Next, paint the area you want on your tray. I didn't paint the whole thing because I didn't want to take away attention from the detailed design. I just painted the flat surface. Depending on the type of tray you have, this might look a little different. You just want to paint the center, flat portion of your tray with the chalk paint. Do two coats and let it dry.

3. Next, you can print out your favorite verse. Make sure it isn't too small or too large. I did mine on regular sized letter paper. I created mine in Keynote. It was super easy. Just open a new file, change the size of your slide by swapping the length and width dimensions (this makes your print landscape instead of portrait). This is done by selecting the documental on the upper right hand side when in Keynote. This is assuming you want your tray sitting horizontally and not vertically wherever you display it. Next type in your verse and select your favorite font. I arranged some of the words to be off centered and I didn't use the same font for all of the words. This makes it a little more fancy. I felt that just typing the verse in Times New Roman font was a little plain.

4. Once you have your printed out verse, you want to take your piece of chalk and rub it on the back side of your paper (not the side your verse is printed on). Once you have covered the entire back page with chalk, center the page where you want the verse to display on the tray and secure with tape.

5. Finally, you are going to trace your verse with something that has a large smooth end. I used the piece of chalk I had to trace the verse. You can use and eraser too, just don't use anything sharp to trace the verse. You don't want to rip the paper. Once you are done tracing, remove the paper and you will see the traced letters in chalk on your tray. Be careful not to rub the tray or you will wipe away the chalk. Take your white paint pen and trace/fill in the chalk letters, so that it is permanent.

That's it! Hang wherever you like and wait for all the compliments from friends!! Check back tomorrow for another awesome project!

Many Blessings,

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