Saturday, October 29, 2016

31 Days of Home Projects: Day 29

After today we will be all caught up! I can't believe that we are almost through October!! It's been a great month so far and I can't wait for Monday when my little gets to dress up.  He is so excited! This project requires a little help from him, really just his feet. I love adding art work to my home that my
son gets to help create. This project is very easy and fun!

Love Feet Sign

What You Need

1. Acrylic Paint (Any color) I used light blue, and white
2. Wood Piece I used a 1x8 piece of wood that was 18 inches long
3. Baby feet
4. Small art paint brush

Step by Step

1. Sand the edges of the wood if you want, so they aren't sharp and pointy.

2. Paint the wood whatever color you want the background to be. Mine is naturally grey. I like the
    the way the wood looks without any paint.

3. Using a pencil I lightly drew the letters /L/ and /O/ before painting and filling them in. I did those
    in white.

4. Next, the light blue color for the feet, paint your baby/toddlers feet, one at a time, and stamp
    them onto the wood in the shape of the letter /V/.

5. The last step is to draw the /E/ with a pencil and then fill in with paint.

That's it!! I want to eventually hang mine in our kitchen above the sink!!

Many Blessings,

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