Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Best Of...

I can't believe that I am sitting here typing up this post! It feels like only a few short months ago I was writing out 'The Best of 2015' post!

What a crazy year it has been! I have had so much fun blogging this year. I challenged myself in new ways and I feel that I have grown so much! Each year seems to just keep getting better & better.

I loved looking back on all of my posts from this year!
Here are my top 7 (I don't know why I chose 7)!

My Tidying Secret
Creating Your Nest: Part 1
Favorite Things: Holiday Home Decor

The Hard Stuff

                                                                   Write 31 Days Challenge 

Creating Your Nest: Part 4 

What I Learned This Season

And there you have it! My top 7 posts! I think overall it was a great year for blogging! I am so excited for what it is in store for next year! Each year I learn new things, meet new people, and continue to blessed through this experience!!

Be sure to check back on Saturday for the final post of this year!

Many Blessings!

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