Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Making Time

Don't we all wish we had a few extra hours in the day? Time that we could spend on just us. Our passions, our dreams, maybe even to just rest.

I wish that were possible, and on some days (once in a blue moon), we may find an hour or two, but most of the time, we come to the conclusion that it's just not possible. I will never have enough time to do (fill in the blank). I am here to tell you to stop thinking that way, because you do have the time, you just have to find it.

A lot of people ask me, "How do you have time to do all this? Don't you work full time?" or "I don't know how you do it, I never have time for anything".

Well, do you want to know my secret? It's nothing new or special, because honestly, I am no different than you. I am super busy and I have tons of to-do's and responsibilities everyday. My secret is that I make time. I plan ahead for time to myself. Seriously!! I sit down every week and look over my schedule of what I have going on and what needs to be done and then I pencil in, me time. It's that simple, because if I don't make time for myself and plan for it, then yes, I will never find the time.

Of course, there are times when I plan for me time and other things come up, like sleep. Haha!!

I'm not joking though. I love my sleep, and there are plenty of instances when that time comes and all of my to-do's are done, my little one is asleep, and I have no other plans, except what I scheduled earlier that week for myself as 'me time', and all I want to do is sleep!!

The struggle is real!! 

Then I remember how hard I worked to make sure that I had those two hours to myself and how much I could get done during that time. You see, if something is important enough to you, and you are really passionate about it, you will find or make time for it, no matter how busy you are. If I decided to choose sleep or lay on the couch and just watch TV, then that is more important to me at that time, and believe me it does happen. We all need 'me time' that consists of doing absolutely nothing! Rest is just as important, but if there is something out there that you long for and wish that you could do, but feel like you don't have the time, I am telling you, you can!!!

It may require sacrificing other fun things that you might like to do during that time, but if it is really something that you are passionate about and its important to you, it will get easier.

One thing that has really helped me to keep everything organized and allows me to plan everything, including my 'me time' is my planner. Ever since I received my first planner 4 years ago, things just haven't been the same! I have used many different ones over the past few years and I have finally found one that I am totally in love with: my liveWell planner by InkWell Press! I don't think I will ever switch to another one.

I created this video for you to see how I use mine and how it keeps everything in my life organized.

Maybe this seems a bit overwhelming to you, I hope not, but if this is new to you, then you can always buy a basic planner and that will work too. You just need a space to jot down your schedule for the week and your to-do lists. You need a space for you to be able to physically write in 'me time' so that you have a visual reminder and plan to follow, so you don't loose that time.

I promise, if you start to make this a routine thing, you will see that you actually do have time that you probably never knew you had!

Happy Planning & Many Blessings,

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