Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Creating Your Nest: Part Two

I hope that you all are enjoying your Summer! And if you haven't read the first part to this series, you definitely want to! There is a lot of good stuff in the first post that you don't want to miss!

I first posted this series two years ago and thought it would be fun to repost again, because it did so well the first time and some of you may have missed it! Today's topic is based on one simple concept,


Without having anyone in a room there can still be so much life! There are many different ways of adding life to a room but my top two are:

#1 Photos
#2 Plants/Flowers

Remember we want our home to tell our story and what better way to do that, then to have photos around of our actual lives. I love pictures. They tell so much and people love looking at them. Why do you think people spend so much time on Instagram! Plus you can get so creative with how you display your photos!

My second choice for creating life in a room is to bring in plants or flowers. Now, nobody said they have to be real. I understand, by definition when you are talking about life, you would think that means real plants, not fake, but sometimes caring for plants can be so very hard! In my opinion, as long as they are green, colorful, and pretty, I say fake is ok. I actually have a mixture of fake and real in my house. I love to grab a fresh bouquet of flowers whenever I run to the market and I have a set of beautiful ferns in my dining room. I also have fake succulents on my fireplace and in my kitchen. They all look beautiful and add so much life to each room.

Take a look at some of the pictures below. I have plants/flowers and photos in almost every room of my house! I also love to bring in green plants from my own yard! We have a pine tree behind our house that I cut branches off of and use as part of my Christmas decor! Having plants in your home during the Winter months can also make your home feel more alive, especially since mostly everything outside dies during this time.

And the most important part, is to make sure you have fun. You can always rearrange, rearrange, and then rearrange some more, until you find the right spot for each item. Many Blessings!

Simply Yours,

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