Monday, August 27, 2018

Creating Your Nest: Part Four

The crisp morning air. The smell of pumpkin muffins filling the entire house. The first of many  leaves changing from green to browns and yellows. It's almost here. Fall, the best time of year.

I have to be honest, I may start decorating my house for Fall next week! I know it may seem too soon for some of you, but as I get closer to my delivery date, the less I want to do, and I know that I won't really have time in the weeks to come! 

This post is that last part of my series, Creating Your Nest. I hope that you have enjoyed reading these posts as much as I have enjoyed sharing my ideas with you. This last post will focus mainly on how I decorate. Once again, I was faced with the challenge of trying to explain how, because I never really thought about it before. What I learned, was that a lot of how I decorate, involves creating vignettes.

The word vignette has a few different meanings. The original definition being, a running ornament (as of vine leaves, tendrils, and grapes) put on or just before a title page or at the beginning or end of a chapter, but when dealing with interior design it is considered a small decorative arrangement of a variety of objects that are placed just so. Sometimes this grouping of items can tell a story, and other times they may just share a common theme. I love creating vignettes. It's arranging and rearranging at its finest, and the beauty of it, is that, it is constantly changing. You can add and remove objects as you please, depending on the season or maybe if a certain item just doesn't go. I have created a Pinterest page with all different kinds of vignettes. Check it out here --> Vignette Me.

I also found this awesome article that talks all about creating a vignette. The author does a great job explaining how to arrange a vignette. Follow the link to the article here --> The ABC's of Arranging Vignettes. I took a few photos of vignettes that I have created around my house.

This year for decor, I plan to do a lot of the same stuff as last year. As you can see from the photo above, I love pumpkins! It is my favorite thing to decorate with in the Fall! Most of the ones I used for decor were neutral colors. I plan to keep it simple, since I will be 8 months pregnant. I added some pops of copper in last year too, which I loved, so I may do that again! My style always tends to be more of a simplistic style. I don't really go over board. I try to have just enough stuff, so that you know what season/holiday it is without it taking over! 

I hope that you have enjoyed this series and most of all, I hope that it has inspired new ideas when creating your nest! Many Blessings!

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